Introduction of Institute of Touhou Project, procedures and prizes.

We have chosen th16.5 Violet Detector as the game.

22 stages at all.

Week 1: Evenyone can pass easily.

Week 2: To some extent, it is challenging.

Week 3: As the title, it is just like nightmare.

Week 4: I fight against myself (hahaha)

Set 1 MVP award. Participants can have a prize draw.

You are supposed to identify original music from chord.

Multiple-choice questions. All members participate in. Set 5 winner prizes.

The interval time is for rest and communication. However, if you want extra stimulation, you can play FTG.

We have chosen th12.3 Touhou Hisoutensoku as the game.

Participants can have a prize draw.

Q&A in new mode. Set 1 winner group of 4. Participants can have a prize draw.

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Duan Zhuzi Special Award

Group Photo Taken

The report will be released after the end of the party.

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