Prize Settings

General Statement

STG: MVP Award, prize draw

Original Music Identification: Best of 5

Q&A about Touhou Settings: Best group, prize draw

FTG: Prize draw

Lengthened Guess and Draw: Best Group, prize draw

Duan Zhuzi Special Award

Prize Draw

We use poker drawing without replacement.

Prizes include: Gift pack from HHK/Stands from 0-RI/Album of Withered Leaf/Cellphone shell with Touhou theme/Hakurei bookmarks and stickers

Top Award – Duan Zhuzi Special Award

We are going to play a piece of BGM in the ending section. Before that, the person who guesses both the title and the album of ED music correctly will receive the Duan Zhuzi Special Award named after Duan Zhuzi, the General Counsel of Institute of Touhou Project.


It is suitable for ED music;

It can be found on THBWiki since the music title and the album title are based on THBWiki;

Relevant music appears during the party.