Monsters survive on humans’ fear. But with the development of productivity, humans gradually negated the existence of monsters and regarded them as “unreal” things.

More than five hundred years ago, a youkai sage named Yukari Yakumo created a boundary of illusion and reality on a piece of land. The boundary could call on the youkai weakened by the outside world to flock to Gensokyo naturally.

This is the last paradise created for the forsaken – Gensokyo, the Land of Fantasy.

And some warriors, also went there to repel the devil and protect mankind.

In 1885, the Dragon made his last appearance in Gensokyo, when the youkai sages staked their existence on pledging eternal peace to the Dragon. After that, a new magical barrier was built to seal off Gensokyo from the outside world and gave the land unusual characters. The barrier is called the Great Hakurei Barrier.

This is Gensokyo, where humans and youkai live in harmony. Sometimes, strange phenomena occur in Gensokyo because of some youkai’s own thought and profit.

Reimu Hakurei, the current shrine maiden at the Hakurei Shrine, is the one fighting antagonistic youkai and watching over the Great Barrier. Marisa Kirisame, an ordinary magician, works with Reimu as her partner.

The experiences of two protagonists and other “Managers” fighting youkai are the content of Touhou games.